The first brief teaser for Kill Your Darlings starring Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan is here

Daniel Radcliffe has certainly had an interesting post-HARRY POTTER career. After completing the mega-franchise, Radcliffe starred in the horror movie THE WOMAN IN BLACK and now has three very different projects on the horizon: the revenge thriller HORNS, the romantic comedy THE F WORD, and this biopic about Allan Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac, KILL YOUR DARLINGS.

We have seen multiple stills from the production that also stars Jack Huston, Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, and Elizabeth Olsen, but this thirty second clip is our first look at footage from John Krokidas' film. The film follows the relationship between Lucien Carr (DeHaan) and Radcliffe's Allan Ginsburg that culminated in the murder of Carr.

Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs: iconic names today, and figureheads of a movement that rewrote all the rules for American literature and laid the grounds for a sea change in popular culture. Who were they, though, before their apotheois? Just kids. In 1944, Allen Ginsberg was an uptight, strait-laced freshman at Columbia University. Jack Kerouac was a listless college student, back in school after lasting only a week in the navy. William S. Burroughs had dropped out of medical school and into a drug habit, and was just eking out a living on the fringes of New York´s bohemien scene.

Based on this teaser I can say that I am now more interested in seeing the film than I ever was before. Radcliffe has immersed himself in the part and despite the glasses reminds me nothing of the HARRY POTTER films. Emma Watson may have gotten the headstart on her acting career but Radcliffe may have the longevity if this role is any indicator.

KILL YOUR DARLINGS opens in limited release on October 18th.

Source: MTV



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