The first clear look at the new Godzilla has appeared online

We finally have a look at GODZILLA from Gareth Edward's new film hitting next Summer and it is surely going to make fans happy. Legendary has kept the redesign under tight wrap for the past two years with the teasers and images revealed at the San Diego Comic Con still not available to the general public. Even the leaked footage from the GODZILLA Experience was debunked by the producers as not being an accurate image of the final monster design.

Well, today we have our first look at the big guy from the Sao Paolo Licensing Expo in Brazil. The image has apparently been confirmed and taken down by the original poster, but Bleeding Cool still have a copy of it up and you can see it below.

GODZILLA fans have been waiting for a proper English-language film with the Japanese beast for decades. The lackluster Roland Emmerich version left fans with a bad taste in their mouth which Gareth Edwards is hopefully fixing with his big budget attempt. If this is truly the final design, it is a nice update and modernization of the traditional look of GODZILLA while still making him seem realistic.

GODZILLA starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe will be in theaters on May 16th, 2014.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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