The first trailer for Iron Man 3 hits the internet October 23

Phase 2 will officially begin on October 23rd at 12:01am with the reveal of the first teaser for Shane Black's IRON MAN 3. E Online is reporting that as a confirmed date from Marvel Studios.

IRON MAN 3 has me worried, I will be honest. The Extremis storyline is a really good comic, but if they play it out the same way for the movie, it will forever alter the Tony Stark character. What makes Robert Downey Jr so perfect for the role is his humanity. Even though he is a stinking rich member of the 1%, he is still a human. His strength and everything that makes him a superhero comes from his suit of armor that can be separated from him at any time. Without it, he is mortal. The Extremis story essentially makes him a cyborg and therefore detached from his humanity.

I have faith in Black and Downey (great band name!) and have hope this movie is as great as it could potentially be.

IRON MAN 3 opens in theaters on May 3rd, 2013.

Source: E Online



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