The first trailer for Syfy's new Superman prequel show Krypton is here!

Oh, what's this, a trailer for Syfy's forthcoming Superman prequel show KRYPTON? Well, seeing as I'm a fan of DC's Man of Steel, I'm sure the powers that be won't mind if I give this thing a watch. Pardon me while I affix my curliest powdered wig and judge away while partaking in the video posted below:

Krypton - Promo 2017 from tvpromos2017 on Vimeo.

Whoa. Okay, so I've got a few thoughts about this one. Before I start rattling them off to you, it would probably be best for me to post a refresher as to what KRYPTON actually is. Here's the show's official synopsis:

Syfy's Krypton, the much-anticipated Superman prequel set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel’s home planet, will follow Superman’s grandfather — whose House of El was ostracized and shamed — as he fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos.

Alright, let's break this sucker down, shall we? First of all, what's the accents? Is there some unwritten rule that all "royal" families, comic book-oriented or otherwise, must sound like GAME OF THRONES characters? It doesn't harsh the vibe for me or anything, I just don't know if I've ever heard Kal-El speak with anything other than a blue-collar, down home cookin' cadence. Beyond that, I'm thinking that this trailer has this show looking rather intense. There's deception, explosions, aerial  dogfighting, and even a glimpse of some Kryptonian bedroom gymnastics! One thing's for sure, this ain't your Daddy's Superman, kids!

As much as I'm not sure that I need another super hero show in my life at the moment, let alone one based on the early days of Superman and his family, I have to admit that I'm intrigued. I'm digging on the overall look of the program, and it will certainly be cool to explore Krypton before it became nothing but a few specks of irradiated space dust.

Krypton will be executively produced by David S. Goyer (MAN OF STEEL, THE DARK KNIGHT) through his Phantom Four banner. Damian Kindler (SLEEPY HOLLOW) will act as KRYPTON's executive producer and showrunner; while Colm McCarthy (SHE WHO BRINGS GIFTS, PEAKY BLINDERS) is set to direct and co-executive produce the pilot. The pilot teleplay and story is written by David S. Goyer & Ian Goldberg (ONCE UPON A TIME).

What do you all think? Are you excited to discover the events that came before and ultimately lead to Krypton's demise? Are you hoping for a Krypto or Streaky the Cat cameo? Or, is TV land perhaps becoming over-saturated with MAN OF STEEL-related content in recent times? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Additionally, even though he's not on any of the posters, you can totally catch Superman when JUSTICE LEAGUE lands in theaters on November 17, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Krypton was discovered by Sir William Ramsay in 1898 and his student Morris Travers. Ramsay and Travers were studying the residue of boiled liquid air. They found krypton to be left over after oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, and water had been removed from the air.
Source: Syfy.com



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