The Game Plan trailer

This is sort of depressing. I love The Rock (now utilizing his given name Dwayne Johnson as well), but aside from maybe THE RUNDOWN he just hasn't found the right vehicle for his natural charisma and physicality.

Unfortunately, rumor has it he wants to move away from action movies. This is apparently what we get: THE GAME PLAN, a Disney flick in which he plays a party-guy pro quarterback who finds out he has a kid, and then has to deal with sudden parenthood. So, basically, it's BIG DADDY with more sports and dresses. Or THE PACIFIER with less duck.

I guess it's cute and all, but what might be the biggest crime besides Johnson pissing away potential: the ludicrously gorgeous Roselyn Sanchez is supposedly the movie's love interest, and she doesn't even get a second of screentime in the trailer. Ah well, it's RIGHT HERE if you wanna see it, or RIGHT HERE if you wanna see it way bigger.
Extra Tidbit: The Rock next appears in GET SMART, and has expressed interest in playing the live-action JOHNNY BRAVO and teaming with Ryan Reynolds for a movie.
Source: Disney



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