The Gifted has been granted a season 2 renewal at Fox

Good news, everyone!

During their spot at the winter Television Critics Association press tour, Fox announced that Marvel's "mutants on the run" drama THE GIFTED has been granted a Season 2 renewal!

Set in Marvel's X-Men universe, THE GIFTED features Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as ordinary parents who discover that both their children are members of the mutant race. After an accident exposes the kids - and their unique abilities - the whole family is left with little choice but to join up with a group of mutant renegades who operate below ground.

Since making its early-October of 2017 debut, THE GIFTED has enjoyed a rock-solid reception among fans and critics alike. When looking at the numbers, the show ranks as the third highest new drama of the 2017-2018 season. According to Deadline, the show averages a 2.0/7 in Live + 7, and is up 18% over the year-ago time period. The series averages 8.3 million Total Viewers across platforms, representing a +146% lift from its Live + Same Day delivery.

Regarding whether or not the second season will air on Fox (because that's something we might need to wrap our heads around in the near future), we're still quite a ways away from that deal going through, so I'd venture a guess that we'll be watching the show at its original home next Fall.

Huzzah! I like THE GIFTED. It's no RUNAWAYS, though I think with more time the show has the potential to mutate into something quite cool. I believe that I've seen all but two of most the recent episodes of the show, and I've enjoyed the adventure so far. When moving into the second season, I'd like to see Reed (Moyer) and Kate (Acker) be given more depth, as their antics thus far have served mostly to put the group in danger as opposed to helping them gain a foothold in their on-going battle for equality. Oh, and will someone please tell the writers to stop with Andy's beat boxing routine. It's almost as embarrassing as Fox's first crack at Deadpool. Dead that nonsense, and fast.

The two-hour season finale of THE GIFTED will air on Monday, January 15 at 8 PM.    



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