The Good Night trailer

I've already posted to posters for the film THE GOOD NIGHT, one of which you can see HERE., so I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to myself, you guys, and the film, if I didn't alert you all to the recently released trailer. The movie is about a struggling man (Martin Freeman) who meets the woman of his dreams, in his dreams. A clever concept, no? I seriously dig it because I know that the most wonderful women are the ones you dream about.

Playing the dream girl is Penelope Cruz, but based on the summaries that I've read, I didn't know he'd actually end up meeting a real life version of her. I think this is one of those trailers that gives away a little too much. Check it out for yourself BELOW. It's directed by Jake Paltrow (I refuse to mention that he is Gwyneth's brother) and is released today in New York and LA.

Extra Tidbit: I once dreamt that Penelope Cruz was Malcom X. Wtf?
Source: YouTube



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