The Goon update

It's been a while since we heard that Eric Powell's great horror-noir comic THE GOON is coming to some sort of life, courtesy of producer David Fincher and a whole lot of computer animation. So where is it?

"I just finished writing the script a few months back," Powell tells CBR. "And [animation studio] Blur is working on a lot of test stuff. Fincher is working on a film right now, so we're waiting for him to get some space so we can start showing some of this stuff off. I'm pretty happy with everything so far. We've just got to work to get to the next point. This is a slow, long process."

Powell is also thrilled to be as hands-on as he is: "I think it's a choice where, if you're getting a giant paycheck from a major studio to adapt your book and get Brad Pitt as the lead or whatever, then they kind of take it away from you because they've invested so much. But when you're doing something that's more about the material and less about a big event, they give you the opportunity to be more involved."

The comic revolves around a zombie-punching, monster-fighting mob enforcer and his mouthy sidekick, and their misadventures in a bizarre creature-filled town. The movie's CG is being handled by animation/FX house Blur Studio, who've done work for various videogames, commercials and television projects -- Fincher worked with them (and frequent collaborator Brad Pitt) on a Softbank ad.

Extra Tidbit: The GOON test footage shown at Comic Con (a sample of which is seen above) was voiced by Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti. Which is, of course, absolutely perfect.
Source: CBR



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