The Green Lantern voice cast expands with Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re

I guess I'm the designated GREEN LANTERN post-production reporter for the site here. Two days ago I said that it seemed likely that Michael Clarke Duncan would be voicing Kilowog in the film, and now it seems the voice cast is expanding even further.

The film is looking to add Geoffrey Rush to voice Tomar-Re, the bird-looking alien that instructs Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordon on how to use his recently acquired powers.

It would certainly be a good get for the film, as Rush is just coming off an Oscar nomination and holds the honor of one of only 25 actors to have won an Oscar, and Emmy and a Tony. Throw a Grammy in there and he'll be EGOT-ing it up with Tracy Jordan.

If you'd like a little more background on Tomar-Re, here's his official bio:

Tomar was a scientist on the planet Xudar before joining the Green Lantern Corps. He became a pivotal member of the Corps, training new members, like Arisia, and serving in the Honor Guard. He investigated reports of abuses of power by Sinestroon Korugar. He was close friends with Abin Sur, Green Lantern of neighboring sector 2814. He was also the first Lantern to meet Sur's replacement, Hal Jordan, and the two got along equally well.

How many more of these CGI characters are left to cast in this movie?

Extra Tidbit: As a kid, Green Lantern won a lot of my Battle Royale action figure tournaments. That ring could do anything.
Source: LA Times



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