The GTA that wasn't

Grand Theft Auto Hollywood has been trying to get its grubby paws on the rights to the mega-successful video game franchise "Grand Theft Auto" ever since it started raking in the big bucks but Rockstar Games, the company that owns the rights, was understandably reluctant to give up the rights considering Hollywood's track record with video game feature adaptations. That part we did know. What we didn't know was that last year, they came pretty damn close. According to Variety's recently launched gaming blog, "The Cut Scene", "Last year, something changed. By the spring, a deal was virtually in place with one of the six major studios to start developing a "Grand Theft Auto" movie. Eminem was quite possibly going to star." Eminem? Seriously? Definitely didn't see that one coming. Nothing happened, of course, but it doesn't necessarily mean that we won't be seeing something in the near future. Read the full story HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The latest installment in the series, "Grand Theft Auto IV", will be released on April 29th for both the PS3 and XBOX 360.
Source: The Cut Scene



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