The guy that directed Hop is in talks to helm the Short Circuit remake

I've heard about the remake of SHORT CIRCUIT coming to fruition for awhile now. I just ignore it like I do the rest of the remakes, cashing in on nostalgia and what not. But do not f*ck with my Johnny 5. I will cut you.

No, I really won't. I just adored Johnny 5 and the awesomness that was Steve Guttenberg as a child of the 80s. You don't mess with the Guttes or the 5. Unless Paul Rudd is cast...then that's sort of a different story. Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, enough blabbering. Dimension Films is in the middle of making deal with HOP director Tim Hill to helm the SHORT CIRCUIT remake. Hill will also supervise a new draft of the script. If you haven't seen the 1986 original, it's about a robot who is way cooler than you are. The robot starts out as a weapon then gets electrocuted and turns into a super intelligent cute as hell bot. He wonders to some hot chicks house (Ally Sheedy) and befriends a scientist (Guttenberg) who loves the crap out of some robots. That's not an entirely accurate synopsis, but it works for me.

So...when are they remaking HOWARD THE DUCK? Cause you now it's inevitable.

Source: Deadline



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