The Hills movie...?

Hey, remember when you heard about the SEX AND THE CITY movie and your penis shivered and then slunk back into your body cavity? Well, I think I'm correct in saying you might be about to experience that sensation again, only worse.

I don't want to say this is a terrible idea, since I've never witnessed an episode of "The Hills", but if I had to speculate? Yeah, probably. Quite frankly, I have no idea who the hell these people are. But according to THIS interview, we might just be about to see moderately attractive brunette and chick with possibly the worst music video ever on the big screen! Are these people even famous? I'm in my early twenties and I already feel old. MTV spoke to Ms. Lauren Conrad, who said "We have kind of talked about it... I think if they were going to do a film of ‘The Hills’ they would basically film it like we do the show and they would just edit it into a movie. It would be like a really long episode.”

I know some journalists brave rebel armies in Kosovo or whatever for the sake of a story, but I just can't bring myself to see an episode of this thing. Respecting myself in the morning is very important in my culture. So, from Wikipedia: "The Hills" is an MTV reality television series and a continuation of the popular MTV show Laguna Beach. It documents the life of Lauren Conrad and several of her friends, after leaving her home in Laguna Beach, California."
Extra Tidbit: I assume that the words "reality" and "popular" were used loosely. Possibly also "friends".
Source: MTV



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