The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey shows off six new stills and another TV spot

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 656 title

So I've been doing this semi-obsessive thing where, in lieu of being able to listen to the score for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, I'll put on the trailers in the background while I write. Like right now, for example.  That "Misty Mountains" song is haunting and beautiful and mournful and just... just... damnit, Howard Shore.

Anyway.  There's not a whole lot I can really say about AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY that hasn't been said already (much of it by me), except to remind you that a listing of cinemas showing the high frame rate 3D version of the film was released yesterday and that we'll be updating the article with any other theaters that will be participating as they are revealed.

Thirty eight days.

TH: AUJ new pic 1

TH: AUJ new pic 4

TH: AUJ new pic 2

TH: AUJ new pic 3

TH: AUJ new pic 5

TH: AUJ new pic 6

Extra Tidbit: Someone went to the trouble to cut together a twenty-five minute loop of the aforementioned "Misty Mountains" snippet found in the first trailer. Which is actually a bit much, even for me.
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