The Hunger Games finds its Gamemaker in Wes Bentley

How many roles are in this movie? It feels like I hear a new cast announcement for THE HUNGER GAMES every day.

But this one seems important, as the role of Seneca Crane has been cast, where Crane is the head gamemaker who creates the titular tournament. I would guess this is a villain role, but when I tried to look it up, I was plagued with spoilers from the book that I don't want to ruin the movie for me, so I'll leave it to you guys to confirm that.

The man who got the part is Wes Bentley. Not exactly a household name, but you will remember him best as the creepy kid from AMERICAN BEAUTY with a fascination with plastic bags. He hasn't done a whole lot since, with his most notable roles being in GHOST RIDER and JONAH HEX. Hmm.

Fans of the book, does he seem right for the part to you? And how many people are there in this damn story? I think I'm going on HUNGER GAMES hiatus until they give us a poster or trailer.

Extra Tidbit: This dude has a face that just always looks pissed. I can relate. It's the damn eyebrows. I'M NOT MAD IT'S JUST HOW MY FACE LOOKS GODDAMNIT.
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