The Inbetweeners 2 trailer takes raunchy down under

I've never seen the original UK Inbetweeners show, but I've definitely heard enough bad things about it's US counterpart to steer clear from that. In any event, the televised show started six years ago and shortly after we got a feature film to "finish out the story" of the Inbetweeners. I'm a little surprised to see a sequel this far out, but it's here, and a trailer just dropped for it. This UK trailer does show some skin, so if that makes a difference for ya, click elsewhere!

Take a look:

I suppose having not seen the show, the trailer doesn't really resonate as much with me. Looks like your typical "teen comedy" if you ask this guy, but I've heard enough good things about the show that I'd like to give it a watch sometime. And as my mother always says, "You can't go wrong with ass".

THE INBETWEENERS 2 will make a limited UK release on August 6, 2014, and will most likely find a home in the US sometime later this year.

Evidently, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII's Daisy Ridley plays a role in this film . . . and I'm pretty sure I could stare at her face forever.

Extra Tidbit: Do this movie look like it lives up to the show, or am I better off sticking with the small screen iteration?



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