The Incredible Stark

Damn, son. Robert Downey Jr.’s summer is going so great that he’s even appearing in other people’s blockbusters. It was already common knowledge (to movie and comic geeks at least) that Downey had a cameo as Tony Stark in next week’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but here is the proof. The latest HULK TV spot opens with General Ross (William Hurt) and Stark—who could be in either pre or post Iron Man mode. Sure IRON MAN is the hit of the summer so far (sorry Indy) but did the studio have to go and ruin one of the movie’s wink-wink surprises by showing us Downey too early? I’ve never seen a studio promote a “secret” cameo like this before. Now that Downey is hotter than something that’s really hot, they’re taking advantage of it. I wonder how many extra tickets will be bought because “oh my God, it’s Iron Man!” My guess? None.
Extra Tidbit: So is in the film, is Tony Stark already Iron Man?
Source: The Movie Box



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