The Inhumans arrive in first trailer

If THE DEFENDERS is not enough small-screen-super-hero-team-up action for you then all you’ll have to do is wait just a little bit longer for the INHUMANS show over at ABC. The first trailer has just dropped for your viewing pleasure, and anyone searching for a show with quarreling super people and teleporting dogs shall look no further.

Though it is just a random series of images compiled with the intent to generate interest in an audience, I think this show is already confirming many of my fears as to why this may not work the way the studios want it to. The Inhumans are such a larger-than-life group, and the limitations of the small screen don't seem to be doing them justice. It looks like something that wants to be a huge sc-fi epic but is done on too small a scale, making it look, to put it bluntly, kind of hammy. I mean, it could just be the trailer itself, which is choppily put together and focuses too much on Iwan Rheon's villain. The show could prove me wrong, and I'll wait till then to have a full-on opinion. Still, too much Rheon, not enough Lockjaw the teleporting dog.

INHUMANS debuts September 29.

Source: MarvelABC



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