The JoBlo Movie Network launches new movie PODCASTS section!

I don't think it's a secret that the JoBlo Movie Network features movie podcasts on a week-to-week basis, but we recently launched a brand new PODCAST section, that makes it easier for anyone to follow each of our 3 distinctive podcasts. You should be able to access this new section via the bottom of any podcast article, or just click on MEDIA in the JoBlo navigation menu and choose "Podcasts".

The new PODCAST section allows you to access the latest shows, listen to them via streaming audio, or any of the archive episodes as well. You can also see the celebrities that each of the podcasts has interviewed over the past couple of years, as well as links to subscribe via either RSS/iTunes and a new "Fan Art" section, from which you can see some examples below...

( click to enlarge )

Thanks to all the MFC schmoes who have contributed to the Fan Art section so far (we're always adding more) and for anyone who has yet to listen to any of our 3 podcasts, below are breakdowns of each show for your reading (and hopefully 'listening') pleasure. If you're already a fan of any of our podcasts, please SHARE WITH FRIENDS. Thanks!!

Posted every Monday!!

Description: Weekly movie news updates, weekend box-office analysis, breaking contest information, review summaries from the site, and a glimpse into our top-notch forums with the "Thread of the Week". We also discuss all behind the scenes action at the JoBlo.com offices and all activities from the fanboys running the site. Updated every Monday and hosted by Jim Law. Email him at [email protected].

Since: February 2009 (117 episodes...)

Posted every Wednesday!! (on AITH)

Description: The popular horror fansite Arrowinthehead.com comes to audio life with this weekly podcast discussing the hottest horror headlines, new horror DVD release dates, the horror BILF of the week, and Horror Talk from the forums. We also throw in some Top 5 lists, What I Watched reviews, and even a few special guest spots from time to time. Hosted by AITH's resident horror hound Ammon Gilbert and updated every Wednesday.

Since: June 2009 (98 episodes...)

Posted every Friday!!

Description: Every Friday on JoBlo.com, the "geek chicks" take to the microphones and discuss everything in the geek world including the upcoming weekend theatrical releases, as well as comic books, videogames and everything else that's interesting in nerd culture today, all with their acerbic fangirl point of view! This podcast also features interviews with celebrit ies and "cooking tips" (well, maybe for a certain type of brownie, wink-wink!). You can reach the girls at anytime at [email protected].

Since: January 2011 (13 episodes...)

Click here to check out previous shows, fan artwork and downloadable episodes...



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