The JoBlo site update and how to contact us regarding bugs and sh*t...

NOTE: If you've been having issues seeing our site properly over the past 24 hours, we had some "server problems" late Monday, so please either CLEAR YOUR CACHE or REFRESH the site and all should be well again. For Chrome users, you need to do a "hard refresh" by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R (PC) or CMD + SHIFT + R (MAC) a few times back to back.

As you all know by now, we recently updated the JoBlo Movie Network to a new "look and feel" a couple of weeks ago. As per any launch, we were expecting a number of bugs and unfortunately, we got them but have worked hard to resolve most of them over the past couple of weeks. We expect to have cleaned them all up by the end of next week. If, in the meantime, you notice certain problems with the site, such as links not working properly or images not showing up, or anything that makes it difficult for you to participate in our site (although it was nice to no longer receive complaints about the disappearing left hand column of headlines, after posting this small FAQ for the new site navigation), please email us at [email protected] with specifics about the issue you're having, as well as the type of browser you are using (along with the version, please). Or as Tom Cruise said so eloquently in JERRY MAGUIRE: "Help me...help you. Help me....help you!" Love that guy!

For those who are unaware, not everyone who visits our site sees the same thing. Some of it depends on where you are in the world, what type of browser you are using, how updated your programs are, how fast your internet is and what you had for breakfast (alright, I'm lying about the last one). The point being: the more we know about your situation, the easier for us to fix it.

Overall, we're very happy with the move so far and are glad to receive your positive feedback, especially after the initial shock knee-jerk emotions from some upon the change -- again, this was to be expected as nobody really likes change.

Hopefully these small updates provide you with some insight as to how things are going and make your experience on our site, a much easier one to enjoy.

But enough about that shit! Now check into one of the great benefits of the new wider articles on the site -- wink-wink! Click on either Scarlett Johansson chillin' in a white bikini with a dude who appears to be a young Eric Roberts, or the mystery woman below that. Yeah...dass nice...

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