The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: Robocop

So, apparently there's a "big" release that's come out this week. Well, much like last week, this week we are going to talk about a much better movie. While the new Robocop flick may not be the worst thing to happen to movies, it can't hold a candle to Paul Verhoeven's 1987 masterpiece, the original Robocop. And that's why we'll be chatting about the original this weekend!

Your's truly has been hosting The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat for two years now. We've chatted about Oscar winners and Razzie winners. Intelligent, thought provoking drama and gut-bustingly stupid comedies. Harrowing thrillers and balls to the wall crazy action flicks. Obviously, we like to talk about really any kind of movie!

All you need to do is head to OUR CHATROOM at 7pm EST and make sure to log in with your MFC username and password. You are encouraged to bring up comments or questions about the movie at hand, or feel free to just hang out and and see what everyone else is chatting about. The regulars are extremely friendly people that will definitely make you feel welcome. And believe me, they are very, very cool schmoes.

And please remember this. Be respectful of others and their opinions during the chat. It's great to have multiple opinions of movies in the chat. I love that. What I don't love is for people to be insulted or badmouthed about their opinions. It's meant to be fun. Directly insulting someone and/or trolling people will get you kicked from the chat.

The original Robocop is, quite frankly, a real work of art. Everything about it just screams to me. The satire. The insane action and incredibly nasty gore effects. The acting, especially from the man in the suit himself. It's a very smart movie that has balls the size of f*cking wrecking balls!

And for those of you that want to discuss the newly released Robocop remake, I welcome you to do so! I'd love to hear people's thoughts that have seen both movies. It could lead to an incredible discussion.

So join us this Sunday at 7pm EST and tell us what you think of the original or the remake. Hell, tell us what you think of both! Just click on Murphy's badass image below to join the fun!



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