The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: Wreck-It Ralph

This week, we have a first for The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat. We will be chatting about an animated movie for the first time! Now, I admit I'm a bit picky when it comes to animated movies. A lot of them don't do anything for me. But this one just hit all the right notes. This week we discuss one of my biggest surprises from last year, Wreck-It Ralph!

For the past year and a half, yours truly has been hosting The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat every Sunday night at 7pm EST. We've chatted about all kinds of awesome flicks. Movies such as The Avengers, Django Unchained, Argo and Skyfall have all been topics for the chat. It's the best chance on the internet to get together in a friendly atmosphere and talk about the movies we love.

All you need to do is head to OUR CHATROOM at 7pm EST and make sure to log in with your MFC username and password. You are encouraged to bring up comments or questions about the movie at hand, or feel free to just hang out and and see what everyone else is chatting about. The regulars are extremely friendly people that will definitely make you feel welcome. And believe me, they are very, very cool schmoes.

And please remember this. Be respectful of others and their opinions during the chat. It's great to have multiple opinions of movies in the chat. I love that. What I don't love is for people to be insulted or badmouthed about their opinions. Directly insulting someone and/or trolling people will get you kicked from the chat.

I honestly didn't really buy into the hype for Wreck-It Ralph at first. It just seemed too gimmicky for my tastes. I'll be damned if it didn't surprise the hell out of me and quickly become one of my favorite movies from last year! I'll admit it's still gimmicky, but in a thoroughly enjoyable way. I honestly loved everything about it. The art style. The video game references. The voice acting. But most importantly, I loved the heart of the story. It simply hooked me in from the start of the flick. So join us this Sunday at 7pm EST to chat about not only one of the best animated movies from last year, but one of the best movies from last year period!



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