The JoBlo.com Crew parties at Comic-Con (Comic Con 2016)

As we wrap up yet another year of excellent Comic Con coverage, we naturally have to cap things off the way we always do: with pics of the JoBlo.com crew goin' bonkers! If you didn't already know it, we work really hard to bring you the best possible info out of SDCC, so it's only fitting that we play hard at the end of every day. Sifting through our images, it would appear as though we played particularly hard this year. Hey, as long as we got the job done, right?!

Below you'll see JoBlo.com's Editor in Chief, Paul Shirey, Arrow in the Head managing editor/critic Eric Walkuski (yours truly), reporter/critic James "Jimmy O" Oster, camera operators/video editors Rusty Eltringham and Jason Dead, news editors Jason Adams and Alex Maidy and video editor Nick Bosworth. And with a few special guests...

This is how we say "Hi!" at JoBlo.com!

Not a bad view from JoBlo.com HQ, eh?

Jimmy O hanging with BLAIR WITCH writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard

Paul takes us inside Hall H

This is one of those "Calm before the storm" moments

Rusty, Nick and Eric with the one and only Michael Biehn!

Eric chatting with Mr. Biehn

Paul getting ready to bust some ghosts

Alex meets the fake author of Charlie the Choo Choo (actually written by Stephen King)

This is how most nights finish up

My god, Jimmy, what have you done?

Eric attends a sausage party

Don't ask

Nick getting flipped the bird by Supes!

Jimmy broke out of his cage again...

Paul chilling with one of our best buds, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld!

Don't ask #2

Paul and Eric taking the Power Rangers party very seriously

Jimmy and Eric hanging with Paranormal Lockdown's Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman

Paul brings Lucille to the Iron Throne

Jason takes his turn on the Throne

Waiting desperately for celebrities to talk to us

Interviewing Dane DeHaan and an easily amused Cara Delevingne

Don't ask #3

We'll basically take pics with anyone, even waitresses

Rusty is pointing something out to Nick

Paul and Eric working very, very hard

Don't ask #3,293

Eric and Rusty wore the same outfit. Again.

Uh oh, things are getting blurry...

Looks like Alex is trying to tell us the party's over

Dusk settles and another SDCC comes to a close. Awww...

Until next year, schmoes!

Extra Tidbit: What were your favorite moments from this year's SDCC?
Source: JoBlo.com

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