The JoBlo.com-produced film, Billy Trigger, begins production today!

As per our announcement a few weeks ago, the first film to be fully financed by JoBlo.com has begun production today, Monday November 14th in Montreal, Canada. We've spent the past few weeks rounding up the cast (see below) and locking locations (Irish pub, strip joints, Chinatown, junkyard....) and are prepared to shoot for the next two weeks or so, after which we're hoping to have a teaser trailer ready for the Internet before Christmas, as we prepare to sell the film to different territories. If all goes well, you should be able to catch the film at a few film festivals next year and hopefully your DVD shelves as well (or "digital shelves"...whatever they're calling them nowadays). You can see the film's plot outline and teaser poster HERE.

John Fallon ('Saw 2') as Billy Trigger Fred Williamson ('From Dusk till Dawn') as Pops
Matthew Bennett ('Battlestar Galactica') as Bruno Pia Metni ('Mirror, Mirror') as Catherine
Meghan Gabruch as Jinny Anderson Bradshaw as Ewan

Albert Kwan as Tsunami Valerie Wiseman as Jezebel Deke Richards as Mickey

For anyone interested in keeping up with the film's update, the film's official site will continue to be updated throughout the production with behind-the-scenes pictures and entries by folks working on the film. Alternately, you can follow the film's official Facebook and Twitter pages. Needless to say, we're all especially excited to work with the great Fred Williamson, who will be arriving in town next weekend!

Thanks to everyone for their support so far and we hope that the final project is as good/fun as we expect. Director Christian Viel and John Fallon are working their asses off on the movie and we hope that the results will ultimately fulfill all of our expectations. Godspeed to us! :)

A picture of our final "production meeting" at Irish pub downtown Montreal (November 2nd, 2012). From left to right, John "The Arrow" Fallon (writer/actor/producer), Berge "JoBlo" Garabedian (executive producer/producer) and Christian Viel (Director/Editor).

Extra Tidbit: We expect to run a "Create a Billy Trigger poster contest" once production is done, so look for that on our site, if interested.
Source: JoBlo.com



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