The jungle awaits Charlie Hunnam & Tom Holland in The Lost City of Z teaser

The jungle is a dangerous place, full of crocodiles, dangerous insects and flying spears. Well that last part may be a much more unique experience, but it was all too real for Percy Fawcett, a man who went exploring the for a lost city in South America and never returned. The story was turned into the massive book, The Lost City of Z, and now it’s now a movie of the same name starring Charlie Hunnam (Fawcett), Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland. The first teaser was just dropped, and the dangers of the jungle certainly has made themselves known for the gang. How will they make it out ali—oh, right.

Check it out!

The story is definitely one of adventure and peril, and the teaser certainly conveys that. Though the spirit of the story is front and center I’m not totally digging some of the text that’s popping up, such as the title card. Seems very Lifetime Original Movie to me, and not “epic adventure”, like a KONG: SKULL ISLAND deal. It’s a small gripe, but it struck me the wrong way. Oh well, at least they’re doing a new spin on the first 15 minutes of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

Also, check out some new pics for the flick!

Journey to The LOST CITY OF Z from director/writer James Gray and producer Brad Pitt on April 14.

Source: Amazon Studios



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