The king of modern franchises, J.J. Abrams, to step down from his throne

In the past I have read people referring to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as “franchise Viagra” given his impact on multiple series like FAST AND FURIOUS, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and G.I. JOE. Despite being a valid appropriation, I beg to disagree—which I’m sure is not something many people have said in front of Johnson. I would like to make the argument that, in fact, J.J. Abrams is the real "franchise Viagra", effectively bringing back MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, STAR TREK and STAR WARS back from the cinematic grave.

However, during an interview with Cinema Blend, it appears as though Abrams has revealed he’s finally hit the four-hour mark, and is ready to call his doctor. But it’s probably more elegant in his own words:

Here's the thing: I don't feel particularly snobby about the origins of a story, of the idea. If it's a book, if it's a song, if it's an existing movie, or ideally an original idea, an original script. I do feel just conceptually, do I want to do another sequel? No. I feel like I'm, as a director, I was done doing that when I did the first Star Trek movies. I'd done Mission and Star Trek, and then I did the next Star Trek - really because the idea of not working with these people was sort of too hard to deal with. Then I was really, really done... and then [Lucasfilm President] Kathleen Kennedy called.

That’s right, ladies, gentleman and nerds everywhere: Abrams is done with the world of directing franchise films. It seems after years of doing fans proud, and thereby solidifying himself as one of the great modern filmmakers, Abrams is closing that chapter of his life, ready to take on original works. But keep in mind, I said direct:

I feel as a producer, involved in these projects, either having helped conceive of a new direction or cast the movies, I'm thrilled to help them continue in the best way that I can be of help. As a director, I really want to do something that's not a sequel.

This is a very grand and bold step for Abrams, and I feel it's a long time coming. The man has done tremendous work with franchise films, but as we’ve seen with SUPER 8 he has incredible potential when it comes to the original film racket. Much like Christopher Nolan, Abrams has the ability to bring smart, emotional blockbusters to the screen, much like Steven Spielberg before them. Here’s a toast to Abrams' new career path! Long may he reign! And yes, I support an Abrams monarchy.

J.J. Abrams produced STAR TREK BEYOND, which has its first public showings tomorrow!

Source: Cinema Blend



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