The King's Speech director Tom Hooper was offered Iron Man 3?

The fanboy world erupted with huzzahs last week when it was announced that Shane Black would be directing IRON MAN 3 but it was almost not to be. In a LA Times profile on Oscar-nominated director Tom Hooper, it was revealed that the KING'S SPEECH director was offered the IRON MAN 3 directing gig but turned it down.

Say what?

The news does not come directly from Hooper but the Times writer cites "a person who has worked closely with Hooper but who asked not to be identified." Hooper was reportedly offered the gig and only upon his turning the job down was Black seriously considered for the director's chair.

I think Hooper did a sharp and admirable job directing THE KING'S SPEECH but I'm not sure what about his work on that film left Marvel feeling it could tackle a film on the scope of IRON MAN 3.

Instead of IRON MAN 3, it looks as if Hooper will stay in his wheelhouse and is in talks to direct a big budget musical adaptation of LES MISERABLES for Working Title. As the Times notes, Hooper has said he's looking for another historical or period drama for his follow-up to THE KING'S SPEECH. So it looks like Hooper will get what he wants and fanboys will get what they want in Shane Black.

Source: LA Times



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