The latest Black Swan poster ruffles a few feathers

It's getting closer and closer to the release of BLACK SWAN.

I've really been excited about seeing this and Chris Bumbray's review of the film put me over the edge. I read a comment today (tell me who you are if you said this) that said something like, "BLACK SWAN will probably be a movie I only end up watching one time. Just like the rest of Aronofsky's movies. It's still exceptional though." It made me realize that I never end up watching Aronofsky's movies more than once either, with the exception of THE WRESTLER and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Although I think I only watched those films twice.

All that aside, I really love this new poster. Every poster that has come out for this film so far as been fantastic. So this was really no surprise.

You like this one as much as the rest? Click to get the hi-res version over at the Pimpin' Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: This is one of the many reasons why I want to hang out with Portman.
Source: Fox Searchlight



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