The latest in Japanese horror? The Ring vs The Grudge trailer is here!

What started as an April Fool's gag has now become a reality. THE RING VS THE GRUDGE is here, where you can witness your two favorite, creepy, Asian girls as they try to out-creep one another. Who will win? Will the little boy continue to make cat noises and sexually suggestive motions with his tongue? Will US audiences care? So many questions and so few answers! See the trailer for yourself!

As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to horror, you simply can't lose by pitting two movie monsters against each other. FREDDY VS JASON is by no means a "good movie," but I'll be damned if that showdown wasn't one of the most entertaining parts of either franchise! As far as these killer ladies go, I'm not sure what they can do beyond making creepy noises and gestures towards each other, but I'm curious to find out!

THE RING VS THE GRUDGE will hit Japan in June of 2016.



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