The Lego Movie's Mark Mothersbaugh will score Thor: Ragnarok

THOR: THE DARK WORLD may be considered one of Marvel's lesser efforts, but there's no denying that the score from Brian Tyler was a lot of fun. Unfortunately for fans of that film's score, it looks like Marvel is headed a different direction when it comes to RAGNAROK. This time around, director Taika Waititi has enlisted Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh to help create the musical landscape for Thor's latest adventure. Fear not, as Mothersbaugh is very much an accomplished composer in his own right, having recently scored THE LEGO MOVIE.

Thor's "straightforward" adventures have been pretty lacking, so it makes sense that Marvel is trying to shake things up for his third film. Not only will Waititi (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS) bring an entirely different flavor to the proceedings, but teaming up Thor with Mark Ruffalo's Hulk should prove to be a lot of fun. That's not even including the strong supporting cast, consisting of Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson and Jeff Goldblum, among others. Sounds like a great time to me!

THOR: RAGNAROK will open in theaters on November 3, 2016.

I'd say we're in good hands!

Source: The Wrap



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