The Magnificent Seven kills 'em all in the latest trailer

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Director Antoine Fuqua (SOUTHPAW, THE EQUALIZER) brings his modern vision to a classic story in the remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. With the town of Rose Creek under the deadly control of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), the desperate townspeople employ protection from seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and hired guns. As they prepare the town for the violent showdown that they know is coming, these seven mercenaries find themselves fighting for more than money. Lots of gunshuts and explosions ensue in the latest trailer!

As several people have already commented, this new trailer probably goes on for a minute longer than it needs to. We get the idea. It's aiming to be more of a flashy and fun western than a genuine one, but there's nothing wrong with that. My only hope is that Fuqua provides enough scenes of the Seven that we actually care about them. He's a assembled a pretty great cast here, so as long as the script isn't shite, we should have some solid popcorn entertainment on our hands come September.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN will kill 'em all on September 23, 2016.

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