The Man Without Fear makes a dark confession in Daredevil Season 3 teaser

While the second season of Marvel's IRON FIST has left several fans divided on the martial arts master's sophomore effort, I've no doubt that many of Marvel's zombies are still primed and ready for the return of Matt Murdock, when DAREDEVIL Season 3 kicks off later this year. When last we heard from the Man Without Fear, the events of Marvel's THE DEFENDERS had left the Devil of Hell's Kitchen battered and broken, with a superfluity of nuns tending to his many wounds. This of course led fans of the character to believe that his next adventure would be inspired by the acclaimed Born Again comic book arc, which was published in 1986, and sees Matt reconnecting with his mother, Maggie Murdock.

In the teaser, we find a bruised and bloodied Matt professing his sins inside a confessional booth. As he speaks through split lips, he admits that he'd rather "die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock." Disillusioned and darker than ever before, Daredevil has much to contend with during the events of his third season, including more threats from Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio), who seemingly discovered Daredevil's true identity toward the close of Season 2. In addition to dealing with Fisk, Matt is also expected to cross paths with Bullseye, a homicidal marksman capable of weaponizing harmless objects and wielding them with deadly accuracy.

When DAREDEVIL returns to Netflix, Charlie Cox will be joined by Deborah Ann Woll, Vincent D'Onofrio, Elden Henson, Wilson Bethel, Joanne Whalley and Jay Ali for yet another dark and dreary season of superhero fantasy antics.

DAREDEVIL Season 3 will arrive on Netflix later this year.

Source: Netflix



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