The Mist is coming in new bloody trailer for the new show

This year is shaping up to be the year of Stephen King, with THE DARK TOWER and IT all hoping to break the bank at the box office as some of the year’s most anticipated films. On the TV front, Spike TV will air their new show around one of King’s classic tales, THE MIST. The new bloody, insane, sex-glimpse-having trailer is now here for your viewing pleasure, and one hopes Thomas Jane comes popping up somewhere.

The trailer certainly plays up the chaos and violence, but other than that there’s not much to go on. The movie version from 2007 did a great job of building the tension among the group of people trapped inside a grocery store as they hide from monsters in the mist outside. This show may expand on all that and focus on other aspects of the scenario, but for now it looks like it’s appealing to the Spike crowd with blood, bashing, sex and utter craziness.

THE MIST debuts on June 22 on Spike.

Source: Spike



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