The movies of today imagined with the stars of yesterday

The past year in film has been one that (arguably) celebrated nostalgia over anything else. THE ARTIST and HUGO were definite examples of this trend - even something like MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, while based on a successful book, could still easily be defined as much by being an adaption as by being a film that takes the time to wistfully examine an icon of a time now past. And while retro re-imaginings of present projects are nothing new (it would probably take ten seconds on YouTube to find someone's 60s style fan-made credits for a film released this year), artist Peter Stults has taken it upon himself to craft some really fantastic explorations of this trend with posters for current films starring the stars of old.  Check out some of my favorites below, and head on over to his site for the rest.

This makes me want to enlist Dr. Frankenstein in re-animating every single person listed here so that this movie can happen for real.  To be fair, I may be a bit biased as Burt Lancaster ("The Mark") is my very favorite actor of all time.



Besides how the whole concept and execution of this is awesome, I epecially dig the inclusion of Spencer Tracy in what I assume to be Albert Brooks' role.



Jimmy Stewart: Winning with that expression since 1935.



Just a gorgeous piece of art.  I'd frame and hang this in a second.



Honorable mention, as it has one of the best taglines (in content and tone) that I have ever seen.


Extra Tidbit: Conversely, what are some films from the past that you believe 1) celebrated the future and 2) were also good films?
Source: Behance Network



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