The mullet is back! Tom Hanks' The Lost Symbol has a writer

When Tom Hanks' THE DA VINCI CODE was released in 2006, several Catholic groups came out and protested theaters on the opening weekend. My friends and I grabbed some poster board, and quickly headed to our local multiplex. However, our signs were in protest of a very different film opening that weekend, Lindsey Lohan's JUST MY LUCK. Where other protesters carried signs that said, “This film is an abomination against our lord,” my sign simply said, “Lohan's Luck-altering powers are an affront to god!”

THE DA VINCI CODE got just as much press for Tom Hanks' mullet as it did the controversy surrounding the content of the film. While the film did well at the box office, critics and audiences had mixed feelings. The 2009 follow up ANGELS AND DEMONS did not impress at the domestic box office. While a third film was announced a while ago, it was unclear when it would start production.

Today Deadline is reporting that Danny Strong, best known for his co-starring role on the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER TV series was named as the writer for the third film in the series, THE LOST SYMBOL. Strong has two TV writing credits including the forthcoming THE GAME CHANGE.

Strong will replace Akiva Goldsman who wrote the two previous films in the series. Series author Dan Brown was also reported to have been working on the screenplay in late 2010. Ron Howard who directed DA VINCI, and ANGELS will not be returning to direct.

Source: Deadline



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