The new American Horror Story teaser is pure bath time nightmare fuel

Nope! Thanks a heap, FX. I hadn't planned on adding "soulless clown in bath tub" to my overactive imagination in this lifetime, and yet, here we are. AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT has been rather busy lately, while rolling out promotional material for their upcoming season. Today,  the latest teaser for the horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk is looking to ruin bath time forever, and they're using nightmare clowns to do it. 

You can check out the cool, new teaser below:

So far, we know very little about the plot for this forthcoming chapter of  the AMERICAN HORROR STORY series, other than at one time it was to be set after the 2016 presidential election. Obviously, AMERICAN HORROR STORY is known for going to extremes when telling a story, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the writers find a way to bring a haunted circus into the White House, complete with killer clowns in every golden bath tub.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT is currently in production with Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Billie Lourd each contributing to the upcoming season's horror-inspired hijinks. The show is set for a September 5th premiere.

Do you have any ideas as to what the new season will be about? Let us know in the comments section below!

Extra Tidbit: Can't bathe, clown will eat me.
Source: FX



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