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Hey folks! You might have noticed that we've got a new splash portal page when you hit www.joblo.com now. Well, apparently we need to "get with the times", so we decided to upgrade our look somewhat, by adding a brand new front page that will provide everyone with a much greater view at all of the different stories going up across our JoBlo Movie Network day-to-day. NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED though, so if the new front page scares you, don't worry and just change your bookmark to www.joblo.com/index2.php and you'll end up on JoBlo's Movie Emporium directly from here on out. Or better yet, just click on JoBlo.com in the top navigation bar et voila!

But take a few minutes to surf around it...it's actually quite cool if I do say so my biased self! Oh, and if you notice any PROBLEMS/BUGS, please email me directly at joblo AT joblo.com. Thanks!

By the way, in case you're wondering what those LOCKS are for on the new front page, it's very simple. Now that there are several TABS on the front page for each of our sites (JoBlo's Movie Emporium / Arrow in the Head / DVD Clinic / MovieHotties), you can LOCK IN the headlines/trailers/reviews you want shown by default whenever you hit our new front page. Just click on the tab in question (example: MovieHotties), then click on the LOCK and you're done! The next time you visit the front page, you will be shown all of the MovieHotties headlines first. But you can switch these anytime by unlocking, etc... Or just leave them "as is" and live your life without any more hassles.

We're all very excited about this new change, and very happy to read all of the positive comments from long-time schmoes as well. For those still not sure what comprises the JoBlo Movie Network, check out all of the descriptions below.

JoBlo's Movie Emporium: This is the base of all the other sites around it. JoBlo's Movie Emporium features everything a movie fan would want from a movie site including daily news updates, the latest in theatrical film reviews, thousands of movie trailers, scripts, wallpapers, screensavers, a burgeoning movie discussion board, theatrical release dates, weekly box-office figures, upcoming movie preview pages, weekly opinion polls, contests, various original movie columns written by our own staff, interviews with celebrities, set visits reports, convention and film festival coverage and more. 

Arrow in the Head: One of the top horror websites on the Net, Arrow in the Head is an extremely popular site of its own, concentrating on genre films, particularly horror movies. The site is ripe with its own daily content and sections, including daily horror news updates, theatrical horror reviews, interviews with horror icons, the "Mistress of the Week" section, the DVD PUB which features indie & horror DVD reviews and horror DVD release dates, as well as its own lot of original content columns and lots more.

MovieHotties: A fan-favorite destination in our network and the Internet with daily celebrity/hottie news updates, a gallery of hottie profiles and images, a "Hottie of the Week" section, daily Boobies updates, daily hottie video clips, opinion polls, a celebrity/gossip discussion forum, as well as a variety of weekly columns written by our staff, specifically for the site including "The Body Shop", "Battle of the Babes" and "Hot or Not" and others.

DVD Clinic: This section was created when we noticed that our DVD columns on JoBlo.com were becoming very popular, and needed a "home of their own". Adding Blu-Ray news, reviews and release dates into the mix, the DVD Clinic is now a site on its own, featuring daily DVD news updates, DVD reviews (in all formats -- over 2,400 so far), DVD sales and rentals charts, an enormously popular DVD release dates and covers section, as well as even more original weekly columns written by our staff, specifically for this site.

MyJoBlo: With the popularity of online networking and communities, we decided to create a "movie community" of our own, based somewhat on the MySpace.com format, but concentrating more on the movie aspects in our members' profiles, including the ability to add their own movie reviews, their own DVD collections, blog entries, favorite movie lists, and most recently, Community Lists, which average everyone's favorites into one big list (in various categories). As per MySpace, members can upload most anything into their profiles, including images, videos and personal information. Members can also comment on each others profiles and choose one another as "friends". MyJoBlo.com currently houses close to 44,000 opt-in members.


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