The new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer traces the franchise from Gibson to Hardy

I wasn't sure there was going to be a way to top the last trailer for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, but Warner Bros has gone and done it. But, it isn't because of new footage or even more insane angles on the stunts we have seen. No, this trailer rocks because it pulls together the entire legacy of the MAD MAX franchise from the days of Mel Gibson all the way through the debut of Tom Hardy.

The trailer weighs heavily on the original trilogy of George Miller films, primarily on MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR, but it does a great job of highlighting exactly who Max Rockatansky is as a character. We see aspects of his origin while also highlighting some of the most memorable moments from the classic films. If anything, this trailer makes me want to go back and rewatch the first films again.

The stunts do look insane in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, but this trailer showcases scenes from the first movie over thirty years ago that looks like it fits right alongside some of the snippets from the new movie. The inclusion of Charlize Theron in the new film does up the star power of the movie, but this looks like a movie that fits right on the shelf next to the previous entries in the saga.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD hits theaters on May 15th.

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