The new Man of Steel poster features Superman in shackles

Up until today I have not been as excited for MAN OF STEEL as I should have been. Sure, I am looking forward to seeing a new Superman movie, but the teasers and poster have not given me any indication that we are in store for something that astonishing. Aside from the casting of Michael Shannon as Zod, I really have been neutral.

This new poster revealed today on Facebook has completely changed my stance on the film. I am now excited for MAN OF STEEL. How can one simple poster do that? Easy, just take a look.

Superman in shackles. That is an iconic image if I have ever seen one. The sheer idea that handcuffs could contain the MAN OF STEEL is hilarious. But, obviously something is going to happen that will either take Superman's powers or paint him as the villain. Either way, MAN OF STEEL is going to give us a different Superman than we have seen before.

Zack Snyder seems to be taking a more xenophobic stance with MAN OF STEEL. Where in prior films he was looked at as a savior, it looks like now people will be more wary of this alien with amazing powers. I think this is something sorely missing from the teasers which came across as more laconic than fans anticipated.

MAN OF STEEL opens June 14, 2013.

Source: Facebook



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