The new red band trailer for Leigh Whannell's Upgrade is supremely brutal

Are you a fan of over-the-top violence in films? Do you enjoy hearing the sound of a femur shattering into shards, or the "squish" that comes from the corners of someone's mouth being severed with garrote wire? You do? Well, then let me introduce you to UPGRADE, an upcoming cyborg thriller written and directed by SAW franchise alum Leigh Whannell. Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life. But when Grey (Logan Marshall-Green), a self-identified technophobe, has his world turned upside down, his only hope for revenge is an experimental computer chip implant called Stem. The ultra-violent gorefest also stars Richard Anastasios and Rosco Campbell.

Hailed by The Verge as "essentially an extended BLACK MIRROR episode," UPGRADE hails from Blumhouse Productions, the same studio that brought films like GET OUT, SPLIT, SINISTER, THE PURGE and much more to the big screen. The superbly brutal movie made its mark at SXSW earlier this year after audiences were teased with "a sci-fi thriller that hid a very dark and bloody heart." Many of those who chose to attend the movie's near-midnight screening walked away with positive remarks, saying that UPGRADE is as good as it is gleefully violent.

UPGRADE will bloody up screens beginning on June 14th.



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