The new trailer for Minions gives us villains, bananas, and bedtime stories

When it comes to the world of animated films, Universal's DESPICABLE ME franchise seems to be the most viable in terms of marketing. Where SHREK seemed to outlive it's welcome and Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks taking their sweet time between films in their franchises, Universal is going all in and releasing their third film in their series just two years after the last one.

MINIONS serves as a spin-off/prequel to the two DESPICABLE ME films and gives us a retro flair by setting the new movie in the 1960s. Without Steve Carell as Gru, MINIONS will focus on Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm as Scarlet and Herb Overkill. We recently got a look at the villainess and now we have the new full trailer for the movie.

I have to admit it but I really like the DESPICABLE ME movies and I am looking forward to seeing MINIONS. The movies do not pretend to be high art but they do want to entertain. Clearly this trailer is not subtle in making connections between the film and the franchise's presence at their Orlando amusement park. They can upsell me all they want: I am excited to see MINIONS.

Featuring the voices of Bullock, Hamm, Steve Coogan, Allison Janney, and Michael Keaton, MINIONS hits theaters on July 10th.

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