The new trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 is full of freaky paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity 4 banner

I'll admit this right here for the world to see: the second trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 scared me. Yes really. I've ragged on the the series in the past, but somehow this is the first time I've ever watched any footage from it while wearing headphones at 4:00 in the morning in my dark dining room.

And holllllllllly shit.

I keep wanting to turn around and investigate the open space behind me for any paranormal activity, but I don't for two reasons: 1) I know there's nothing there, and yet 2) I'm terrified that I might find something. Which is a bit awkward, as I need to get up and have breakfast soon. I'll figure it out. Hopefully. I don't want to be stuck here without breakfast for three more hours. That'd be awful. Almost as awful as getting murdered and/or haunted and/or both (in reverse order) by a cult and/or supernatural entity and/or both.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 arrives on October 19th.



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