The next season of Netflix's Orange is the New Black will be its last

There are a great many TV shows which unfortunately outstay their welcome, and I was beginning to fear that Netflix's Orange is the New Black would be one of them. Thankfully, the Orange is the New Black cast took to Twitter to announce that the upcoming seventh season of the Netflix series will be its last.

This move doesn't exactly come as a surprise, especially after the mixed reaction which the fifth season's prison riot story-line received, and series creator Jenji Kohan told the New York Times last year that she was "leaning toward ending it after seven — although the nature of the show is one that can go on and on because you can bring in new people." Following the release of the sixth season of Orange is the New Black, stars Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon spoke with THR and discussed preparing for the end of the series. "As an actor getting ready to say goodbye to a role that I’ve lived with for six years, it’s very poignant," Schilling said. "It’s a very kind of surreal time. It’s as surreal as it was when the thing came out of the gate and was so powerful those first few seasons. It’s equally as surreal now to be ending it all." Prepon added that, "As of now, season seven is our last season. So, the endgame is clear. ... I don't know if I can say that I'm prepared for the end, but I've been doing this for a long time and I know that there's always going to be more after that. It will just be different. Orange is its own special thing, just like That '70s Show was, and I'm so happy that I get to be a part of it." What do you folks think? Is it the right time for Orange is the New Black to wrap things up?

The seventh and final season of Orange is the New Black will premiere on Netflix in 2019.

Source: Netflix



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