The NFL will release an officially licensed feature film titled Week 14, written by Ron Shelton

The National Football League is already one of the most powerful organizations in America. Now, they want to branch out into every possible platform they can. Next stop: the movies.

In a move that reminds me of what the World Wrestling Federation did, the NFL is officially licensing a movie that is currently being shopped to studios. The script for WEEK 14 was written by Ron Shelton. Shelton is no stranger to sports movies, having written or directed the films BULL DURHAM, WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP, COBB, and TIN CUP. Notice none of those are football movies.

According to Variety, WEEK 14 will be a four-quadrant movie in the vein of “Crash,” pic will chronicle the last three weeks of the NFL’s regular season as seen through the eyes of fictional players, coaches and their significant others.

That sounds so vague that it could really be about anything. But, Shelton is a quality writer and director. No word on whether he will step behind the camera on WEEK 14, but he would be a good choice. With the flashy nature of the NFL, I would think they have a shortlist of directors who are either commercial/music video guys or a really big name. The NFL does not do much that is toned down or artistic, and I say that as a huge football fan.

What do you think of professional sports licensing their products for the movies?

Extra Tidbit: My favorite football movie is THE PROGRAM.
Source: SlashFilm



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