The Nun is lurking in the shadows in first teaser trailer

THE CONJURING universe is in full swing with the last four movies in the series all achieving success at the box office and with critics (well, we don’t have to talk about the first ANNABELLE). In THE CONJURING 2, we were introduced to their most terrifying demon-creature yet in Valak a.k.a. The Nun, and now she’s the latest figure to get their own origin story. The gothic horror flick THE NUN gets its first teaser trailer today, and in it, Taissa Farmiga is stalked by the demonic nun as ventures to places that remind us of the dangers of old stone castles and places where lanterns are required. 

Directed by Corin Hardy, NUN stars Farmiga (whose sister, Vera Farmiga, plays Elaine Warren in the main CONJURING movies) and Demian Bachir team up to investigate the Cârța Monastery in Romania after the death of a fellow nun, only to be greeted by evil forces. The script is by Gary Dauberman who also wrote the other CONJURING spinoff movies, ANNABELLE and ANNABELLE: CREATION.  

The movie out in a little under three months and this is the first footage we're seeing of the movie. On that note, there's not a lot here to go on. It's not especially scary and I didn't quite get a strong sense of the goth atmosphere. I hope the full trailers really lay on the darker environment and presence of the nun because those two elements combined will make this movie stand apart from the past films.

THE NUN hits theaters September 7.

Source: Warner Bros.



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