The official trailer for MTV's Teen Wolf series reveals that it's just as awful as you expected it to be

There have been lots and lots of rip-offs of TWILIGHT both in film and television, but is MTV's new "Teen Wolf" series the most blatant of them all?

Maybe I've just been good at shutting my eyes, plugging my ears, and going lalalalala this whole time... but this one just seems so f*cking shameless. They're even hammering away at the whole "repression" theme (i.e. SEX METAPHOR), which is still one of the most bizarre and off-putting messages to be subversively sending to teenagers.

More than anything, though, the show just looks like balls. But what was I really expecting? This?

Synopsis: "Teen Wolf" is the story of Scott (Tyler Posey) as he tries to walk the line between what he wants and what he can't help from wanting. Will the bite end up being a gift? Or will it be a curse? And what will it all mean for his relationship with Allison - the girl he can't get enough of? Only time will tell if he should embrace his newfound powers, or if he should fear them.

Extra Tidbit: Still have great fondness for the original TEEN WOLF.
Source: MTV



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