The only reason to see Just Go With It: Brooklyn Decker's cleavage

Let's face it: there's not much to look forward to in Adam Sandler's JUST GO WITH IT. With the exception of FUNNY PEOPLE, Sandler's latest comedies haven't brought much in the way of laughs and JUST GO WITH IT looks like as generic a rom-com as you'll see repackaged as an Adam Sandler comedy. Yet watching the ads on TV, I felt myself slightly hypnotized by the movie. More to the point, I was hypnotized by Brooklyn Decker's cleavage, which is, near as I can tell, the only reason to see this movie. It should get top billing over Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It should win an Academy Award. It should receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It should...well, you get the point.

As a service to all the JoBlo.com readers out there, we've compiled the best images out there of star Brooklyn Decker's Cleavage from JUST GO WITH IT. With this handy dandy guide you can skip right to the best parts of the movie. And if you need more Brooklyn Decker in your life, you can wait until BATTLESHIP hits theaters next year or head over and check out our Movie Hotties galleries.

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