The Ozzman cometh! The Ozzy Osbourne biopic has been picked up

The prince of darkness is ready for his close-up.

Sharon Osbourne revealed in an interview that the biopic on her husband, Ozzy Osbourne has been picked up, "There's about to be a big announcement. It's been picked up and it's going into production. We're going to make a press announcement hopefully within the next two weeks. [There's no cast] yet, but we have a producer and we have lots of money and we're all starting."

At one point, what seemed like many ages ago, there was supposed to be a biopic based on the Mötley Crüe autobiography, "The Dirt". The film would center on the debauchery of the band, and would include other rock icons like David Lee Roth and Ozzy Osbourne. Christopher Walken was rumored at one point to play Osbourne and Val Kilmer would play Roth. Again, these are all rumors, but they are interesting ones. The project eventually just disappeared from the radar never to be heard from again.

While a Crüe biopic would have been f*cking awesome, I'm cool with one for Ozzy.

Sharon said that someone new would play her husband, but who would she pick to fill her shoes, "The girl from 'An Education,' the English girl Carey Mulligan." Then it was mentioned that perhaps her daughter Kelly should play her, "To play me? She is a Mini Me, so yeah, she would be good."

Extra Tidbit: Who would you pick to play Ozzy?
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