The Phantom Menace 3D gets a theatrical release date

A long time ago, in uh, this galaxy, we announced that George Lucas had devised yet another way to earn millions off of his existing franchise by converting all six STAR WARS movies to 3D and re-releasing them in theaters.

Now we have an official date for when this exercise begins. THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D will be released February 10, 2012. If the technology had existed at the time, Lucas obviously would have made the new trilogy 3D for the extra cash, but he’s got so much leverage with this series, he can just have a do-over and re-release them all again.

Is there really an audience to see PHANTOM MENACE in 3D? I can foresee eight year olds who were too young when the movie first came out, and a few die-hard Star Wars nerds who despite their railing usual railing against Lucas for tactics like this, will still shell out for the ticket regardless.

I can see the original trilogy having greater success in theaters, as even I’m a bit curious to see how it’s going to look in the format. But with the movies released in 1977, 1980 and 1983, is there any possible way they’re going to look good? Even movies shot today in 2D and then upconverted to 3D look like shit (CLASH OF THE TITANS and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, despite its two Oscars). I can't imagine even with all the digital wizardry at Lucas’ disposal that he can make 30 year old films look good in 3D.

What say you about this latest cash grab?

Extra Tidbit: The universe he's created is far bigger than himself. He needs to let go and let competent directors and writers make movies that will get fans excited again.
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