The poster for Fast Five has cars and a whole lotta sky

FAST FIVE rounds up almost everyone who has been fast and/or furious in the past four movies (sorry, Michelle Rodriguez) for more octane and testosterone, and IGN has premiered the new poster below. There's not a whole lot of the actual cast to be seen in the image, so you can eyeball the trailer below for a refresher.

Three-time director Justin Lin had this to tell IGN about the speedy sequel: "The challenge on this one was greater than all the others combined because stylistically I made a conscious effort to say we're going to do all this practically. And I think the cast and crew really stepped up. Usually on these films there's only a few set pieces. On this one, you've got a little bit of everything. You have a big set piece on a train where we literally took over the railroad and we were just crashing trucks into trains and stuff like that. I'm very proud of that sequence. And to drag a Volt around Rio. To build a building and crush it. Finally seeing Dwayne and Vin go at it. I'm just very proud of it as a whole."

Lin has plenty more to say, those who dig beefy dudes and sleek vehicles can click the poster to read more and check out the hi-res version.

Extra Tidbit: C'mon, Vin -- back to RIDDICK already, hey?
Source: IGN



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