The premiere title for Westworld Season 2 has been partially revealed

Saddle up, pardners! WESTWORLD, HBO's smash-hit sci-fi Western has just revealed an obscure piece of information about its forthcoming second season debut!

While on a Reddit thread, WESTWORLD co-creator Jonathan Nolan had decided to begin interacting with some of the show's fans, and in the process, unveiled our first clue of the planned season by way of a puzzling poster.

You can check the image out for yourself below:

As you can see, beneath the smiley-faced labyrinth is the cover of the premiere episode's script, with the maze sitting atop the the title that reads, "Journey into N" with the rest cut off so as to drive fans up a wall. Now, some have speculated that the full title reads "Journey Into Night" but nothing has been confirmed just yet. I think "Journey Into Night" sounds like a very good guess, especially with it being a reference to the first season's finale episode, but do you think it could be something else? What if it was the name is in reference to an entirely different park? We'll just have to wait for more clues to surface until we're to know for sure.

WESTWORLD season 2 is expected to debut sometime in 2018.  

Extra Tidbit: I would love to vacation in a Westworld: World of the Future setting. I'm thinking TOTAL RECALL meets THE FIFTH ELEMENT.



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